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Welcome to Streammaxy - Read Rules before posting

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Welcome all streammaxy's members ;)
its great to start the first post in forum and we hope you have a great stay in our forum

we have some rules before start posting in our forum just follow it to avoid any ban or limitation in your account :

Posting Rules :

* don't post any content like channels or any in forum- we don't have marketplace to share any content for selling - this forum only for discussions of streammmaxy products

* don't speak with bad words or harmful words to any member or your account will get banned

* if you are client and you have issues with any of our products be sure that you contact support team before posting in forum

* requests to be moderator in forum will be opened soon and we will let all know when it opened

* if you have any suggestions for services will be great to hear in our suggestion forum

Terms of Services :

we always update our terms of services you can check it via our website https://streammaxy.com/terms

Privacy & Policy :

we always update our Privacy & policy you can check it via our website https://streammaxy.com/privacy
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